Cheese Cutting Machine - Block Divider
MS 142
Artikel-Nr. 903129
original product:
cheese type: semi-hard cheese, for example Edamer
coating/label: no coating (wax, plastic...), no label

It's not possible to cut extra hard cheese like Parmesan, Grana or Sbrinz!

approx. 1 - 2 working cycles per minute (depending on operator)

- The function and quality of the cutting procedure are directly depending on
the consistence and temperature of the original product and cannot be
guaranteed without cutting tests with original customer cheese.
- The actual weight and dimension of the final product depends on the weight
and dimensions of the original product and ist positioning on the machine
(no fixed weight cutting)
- We would like to point out that it can lead to increased wire breaks when
using wire cutting tools, depending on hardness and consistency of the
product to be cut.

Cheese cutting machine MS142
The cheese cutting machine MS142 is a pneumatic driven machine which cuts the
cheese block in a various numbers of bars within on working cycle (number of
bars depends on the cutting set). The tools for this Machine type (cutting
units and cutting sets) are interchangeable and guarantee the necessary
flexibility of the KMS 450 in order to be able to fulfil many other tasks
during the working life.

The main components of this machine are:
- changeable cutting frame, equipped with knives or cutting wires
(depending on product).
- pneumatic driven support block (interchangeable)
- non driven roller conveyor (the cheese bar moves over this roller conveyor
during the cutting process)

Description of the working process
The operator places the cheese block on the non driven roller conveyor (in
front of the support block) and pushes it against an adjustable stop bar and
the support block on left hand side of the machine. After the positioning of
cheese block the operator starts the working cycle by pressing the two-hand-
control system. The pneumatic driven support block pushes the cheese block
through the knives or wires of the cutting frame until it reaches its end
position at the right hand side of the machine (the slotted support block is
positioned in- between the cutting knifes/wires).
The operator removes the cheese bars from the cheese cutting machine MS142
(also eventually existing trim cuts). At the same time the operator is able
to start the backward movement of the support block to its starting position
by pushing a button. After the support block reaches its starting position
the machine is ready to start a new working cycle.

Technical data:
(technical modifications reserved)

Configuration of the basic machine:
- base frame made of stainless steel 1.4301, welded
- machine coverings and switch cabinet are made of stainless steel 1.4301
- safety guards made of acrylic glass

- pedestal adjustable with vibration damper elements
- pneumatic connection: min. 6 bar
- according to the CE regulations

Machine dimensions: MS142
length: approx. 2,950 mm
width: approx. 1,000 mm
height: approx. 2,000 mm

working height: approx. 1,000 mm

Machine configuration:

Basic machine MS142
including manual adjustable stop bar

cutting set 1:
dividing into T= 3 x 100 mm (without trim-cuts)
1 cutting frame
2 cutting unit (wire)
1 support block (T = 3 x 100 mm)

- new

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