Cheese cleaning machine
BMR 950
Artikel-Nr. 903936
For cleaning of round cheese loaves with diameter
of approx. min. 280 - max. 950 mm

Scraping arm height adjustable with handwheel and toothed bar,
Movement approx. 150 mm, for cheese heights from approx. 50 - 200 mm
(depending on the used accessories)

Hard and semi-hard cheese
Gruyère, Emmentaler

Sequence of operations:
As standard the machine is equipped with a scraping knife.
It is mainly used for cleaning cheese types with a solid rind like
Emmental and Gruyère.

The cheese loaves are fixed on the rotary table by means of vacuum produced
by a built-in pump and then put in a rotating movement.

In order to achieve the highest possible cleaning-degree value for all
diameters, the rotary table speed is electronically controlled via the
angular position of the knife arm adjusted.
The cleaning time for an Emmentaler loaf is approx. 3 minutes.

Machine execution:
- base frame made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4301
- turning table aluminium

- angular gear-motor
- side panel with quick release
- feet switch

Basic pneumatic equipment including:
- vacuum filter
- vacuum switch
- water separator

- built-in vacuum pump, capacity min. 16 m³/h
including air/oil seperator for oil separation

- Dimensions of the machine:
length: approx. 1,635 mm
width: approx. 740 mm
height: approx. 1,550 mm

- working height: approx. 825 - 865 mm (add. height of cheese loaf),
when using the standard table

- Connected Power: 400 volts, 50 Hz, approx. 3.5 kW, 16 A

- 1x scraping unit with knife-arm, suitable for suction device
(Connection Diameter 80 mm)
- 1x standard table for cheese diameter of approx. 520 - 950 mm

- new

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