Thermoforming Machine
APS ML 7100
Artikel-Nr. 903680
completely made from stainless steel

basic machine:
- modular construction completely made from stainless steel, consisting of:
- film infeed: 625 mm
- forming module: 1.500 mm

- die center distance: 3.800 mm - index 400 mm
- free loading area: 2.100 mm

- 2x intermediate module: 1.200 mm
- sealing module: 1.500 mm
- 1x knee-free labeling module: 1.200 mm

- 1x cutting module: 1.200 mm
- outfeed module standard: 910 mm
- total length of machine: approx. 9.335 mm
(approx. 10.400 mm incl. Jumbo bottom film unwinding)

- the high-quality, stainless steel machine frame guarantees
both not only highest stability, but also best functionality
- unique easy and quick access to the machine as all plates can be
taken off after dislocking
- enormous quick change of dies without using tools as all connections
are quick disconnect

- each die lifting system is totally separate strong forces
which arise when the dies close will be neutralized by the
die lifting device
- the APS ML 7100 corresponds to the newest EC-Hygiene
regulations as it is made from stainless steel, all supply wires
are installed in top of the machine frame and all electronic parts
are designed in accordance with IP 65.
- 160 - 250 mm space beneath the machine for easy cleaning under the machine

- Index: 400 mm
- bottom film width: 560 mm +1
- bottom film material: rigid film A-PET, 400 µm,
Hot seal compliant, draw compliant

- top film width: 555 mm +1
- top film material: flexible film PET/PE, 80 µm, repeat printed,
Hot seal compliant

max. reel diameter:
- bottom film: max. 450 mm
- top film: max. 400 mm

top film unwinding:
- mechanical pre-spooling for top film, incl. quick tension system
with automtaic disc brake, for core diameter 3" (76 mm).

bottom film unwinding JUMBO:
- Type AR (Inline Version), for loading of Jumbo-film reels,
stainless steel version, for core diameter 6" (152 mm).

detection of film end:
- for top and bottom film,
with automatic machine stop

lifting system:
- pneumatically driven knee-lever die lifting system for forming and
sealing station made from stainless steel.
Designed for max. deep draw of 130 mm, limited by die-set

lifting limit:
- automatic limitation for the opening width of the lifting system.
  Step by step controllable via the PLC, optimal adaptation at
  different product heights!

centralized greasing:
- centralized greasing points for die lifting devices

cleaning adjustment:
- closed die adjustment during cleaning

Mitsubishi control:
- memoryprogrammable Mitsubishi A1S control
operating and programming by 12" Mitsubishi touchscreen
of the newest generation, with 65.536 colours
installed in a swivelling stainless steel terminal,
graphic userscreen for easy operating; 100 program settings storable,
machine operating status, dialog and error message in English language,
digital convertability, regulation and control of temperature,
programmes can be detected by code safety devices according to newest
professional association's regulations.

- 2 potentialfree contact for Top- and Bottom-labeling system
- digital coupling with slicing line

control device:
- printed film registration for top film, incl. film-brake

temperature control:
- 1 x sandwich pre-heating, without heating plate in forming die top part
- 1 x sealing die
- electrical supply: 400 Volt, 3 Phases, N, PE, 50 Hz.

- power supply: approx. 25 kW

pneumatic equipment:
- standard valves and cylinder from FESTO Germany,
incl. pressure switch, filter for compressed air infeed,
automatic water separation for compressed air,
centralized valve assembly in electrical cabinet for easy access,
regulation valves for sealing and forming pressure,
fine filter for forming air, noise reduction for compressed air
outfeed by muffling, blow-off valve for cooling water

compressed air requirement:
- approx. 200 Nl/Cycle, 7 bar, max. moisture 7 g/m³
The compressed air should be dry and free of oil!

compressed air connection: 3/4", 40 µm filtered
- cooling water connection: 1/2"

cooling water consumption:
- approx. 80 - 150 l/Std., approx. 3 bar

- electronical controlled servo drive, for high speed and best accuracy
speed continuously adjustable, index digitally adjustable

transport chain lubrication:
- automatic lubrication of chain with oil by brush,
adjustable and programmable by SPS

vacuum connection:
- connection to central vacuum with valve-unit

evacuation system:
- evacuation system, evacuation via lateral suction nozzles,
pressure controlled with electronical contact vacuum gauge

gas flushing device:
- gas flushing device, standard (for inert gases, O2 content < 21%)
  gas storage tank, 10 l, (up to 10 bar)

safety device:
- Safety device forming outfeed - sealing infeed
safety covers 550 mm with magnetic swicth and photocell

- Safety device at cutting and discharge area for module 1,200 mm

basic die:
1 basic die set consisting of:
- forming die top: anodized, movable on rollers
- film heating: 1x sandwich-heating, without heating above forming mold

- forming die below: prepared for forming plates
- forming system: by compressed air & vacuum
- sealing die top: anodized, moveable on rollers
incl. easily exchangeable yoke full surface sealing plate,
therefore an after sales equipment with optional contour sealing plates
is possible without extra converting the complete sealing system!

- sealing die below:
milled out of one block for absolute density,
prepared to receive sealing frames and filler plates.
Sealing frames for MAP-Packages are equipped on principle with
one complete frame gasket for absolute density.

The basic die can not be used for packaging
without additional inserts and sealing frames!

basic size: 1 -lane, 1 -row
index: 400 mm
basic dimensions: 520 x 400 mm
internal dimensions: 505 x 382 mm
max. deep draw: 100 mm

inserts: 4 -lanes, 2 -rows
index: 400 mm
products: unknown
product size: unknown

bottom film specification:
rigid film A-PET, 400 µm, Hot seal compliant, draw compliant

top film specification:
flexible film PET/PE, 80 µm, Hot seal compliant

forming grid, lateral ribs,
bottom ribbed and variable from 10 mm in 5 mm steps

sealing grid with easy opening
pack size: 130 x 200 mm
die size: 115 x 182 mm
max. deep draw: 70 mm

- Capacity corresponding to DIN 8743 is app. 10-11 cycles/min.,
depending on size of die and pump, product, a forming depth of max. 12 mm,
quality of packing material, user staff and external company conditions.
Whether the calculated output can be reached can only be determined after
testing with original products and original packaging materials

Combinational Punch: for rigid and flexible film:
2 in cross cutting station mounted inkl. back-pressure bar,
each manually displaceable on guides for different index,
Execution punch top part with waste holes, punch knife-set holder
2 cutting-lines 4-tracks round corner, R=9

longitudinal cutting:
* Three-phase motor, FU controlled for rotating
  Longitudinal cutting designed for rigid films knife shaft magazine
  Knife shaft including longitudinal knife and
  Cutting magazine for longitudinal cutting 4-lanes

removal device:
* Film edge trim, with 2 motors

transport device:
* discharge conveyor belt, synchronous with stroke by frequency converter

* air cooled, gas ballast valve, end pressure 1 mbar,
installed or external, inkl. pump head, with bypass valve and pipes
brand: BUSCH *Panda WV 500 B
suction power: 495 m³/h, 1.5 kW

Marking and inspection systems

1x Traverse System XY for thermal transfer printing directly on the top film

- Type: X-600 Y-400
- Serial No .: 4370
- Year: 2011

Technical specifications:
- Pressure range:
- film width up to max. 560 mm
- index length max. 420 mm

- printing speed: max. 800 mm/sec. (Nom. 300 mm/sec.)
- clock speed: min. 2.5 s (print & return drive)
- Electrical: 230-240 volts

- compressed air: 6 bar (dry and oil-free)
- 1 potential-free contact for start print cycle
- 1 potential-free contact for start machine/advance

- including Siemens control
- Including Videojet Thermotransfer printer, type Dataflex +

1x Top Web Labeler
Brand: ELS
Type: ELS521, OP2-SL6215-SMSK302
Serial-No. 7788/2009
Year: 2009

For labeling on the top side of the finished package. Positioning in across
direction with stepper motor. With longitudinal shifting unit with stepper
motor for multi row die sets.

- Labeling unwind for label strip width of max. 150 mm
- Labeling transport unit (fan unit/air duct)
for label sprip width of max. 150 mm

1x Bottom Web Labeler
Brand: ELS
Type: ELS531, UP2-SL6215-SMSK302TC
Serial-No. 7789/2009
Year: 2009

For labeling on the bottom side of the finished package. Positioning in
across direction with stepper motor. With longitudinal shifting unit with
stepper motor for multi row die sets.

- Labeling unwind for label strip width of max. 150 mm
- Labeling transport unit (fan unit/air duct)
for label sprip width of max. 150 mm

- Including carrier for thermotransfer printer

1x Thermotransfer-Printer
Brand: ELS
Type: 195
Serial-No.: 7985
Year: 2010

- used machine, fully reconditioned

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