High Capacity Slicing Machine with Loader
Artikel-Nr. 903271
consisting of:

1 MegaSlicer L 1200

- Machine designed for easy operation.
- Short reloading time due to automatic loading.
- High speed slicing due to up to date circular-blade technology.

- Precise product feed servo driven.
- Easy access and awarded/ excellent hygiene design.
- Smallest footprint of its class.

Technical Basics:
The MegaSlicer L is designed for easy and efficient slicing of qualified and
appealing portions of sausage, cured dry ham and cooked ham, bacon and
cheese. After manual positioning of the logs onto the infeed conveyor the
automatic loading process will be started. The use of a synchron belt on the
product bed allows a consistent slice thickness and high quality of portions
especially for soft products as well as the minimization of sliver slices.
The servo driven portioning systems guarantee the chosen portion shapes with
high repeatability. The hygienic tooth belt drive for the product bed and the
gripper is easy accessible for cleaning. The designed machine concept allows
an easy and quick disassembly and reassembly of the product contact parts.

Basic execution of the machine:
- Stainless steel execution
- Colored 15" Touch-screen for easy operation
- Automatic loading system.

- Operator side: left in product flow
- Slicer head position: 30° fixed
- Slicing capacity: 50 to 600 rpm

- Product length: 1.200 mm with downholds, 1.180 mm with top traction system
- Blade diameter: 440 mm
- max. product cross-section: approx. 380 x 163 mm,
set-up actual Version H4,
for max. product width of approx. 204 mm,
for max. product height of approx. 147 mm,
usable size depending on blade diameter and on product bed position

- Slice thickness: 0,1 - 5 mm
- Pieces: up to 50 mm with reduced capacity
- Power: 15,5 kW

- Nominal pressure: 6 bar
- Compressed air: 20 Nl/min

Basic Machine MEGA L
- for circular blade diameter 440 mm
- Rotor light external balanced
- Main drive 7:1 up to 600 rpm

- Downholder basic construction -
Mechanical unit to carry one or more downholder,
pneumatically swiveling
- Stainless Steel Cutting Edge, L-form
- Portioning conveyor stacking function
Portioning and transfer conveyor with high stacking function
up to approx. 80 mm

- Feeding Conveyor
length 1,400 mm, belt width approx. 310 mm, Conveyor for feeding an
automatic slicing machine with product(s). The conveyor is manually loaded,
or loaded automatically by other equipment.

1 gripper for product calibre with diameter of approx. 130 mm - 140 mm
1 downholder
1 circular blade Ø 440 mm, standard version
1 blade carry device for circular blades Ø 440 mm

1 GEA/CFS Check 3000

An universal check weighing system especially designed to offer a hygienic,
fast, accurate and reliable dynamic weighing machine synchronized to all
GEA/CFS MegaSlicers and the UniSlicer versions L and Contour, for operating
in rough production environments.

General description:
The GEA/CFS Check 3000 can precisely weigh portions and in combination with
the latest software in the slicer, is performing two major functions:

Communication with the classifying device:
Which portion is accepted or not as set in the Slicer menue.

Communication with the Slicer:
To influence the slice thickness to adapt the portion weigh to the log
variations (changes in the cross-section etc.).

System features/benefits:
Best compliance to the existing regulations:
- High weighing accuracy: Statistically +/- 0.1 g up to portion weight
of 500 g (at a division of 0.1 g), extremely fast weight signal definition
(200 ms).
- High production rate: Accurate weighing up to 150 portions/min.
(depending on portion size and weight).
- Robustness, high reliability: Heavy duty monolithic weighing cell concept
with plunger technology and overload protection and transport locking
(weight limit max. up to 5 kg). Operating temperature range
from 0°C to +40°C.

- Hygienical safety, no water traps, fast and effective cleaning.

2-lanes, width of weighing-table 2x approx. 185 mm
- inclusive stainless steel rollers
- Dimensions: length approx. 540 mm, width approx. 812 mm

1 Automatic Loading System ShingleLoader

- Serial No.: 4040860310

- mostly manufactured of stainless steel and easy-to-clean food-grade
plastics, suitable for operation in wet environments
- Arrangement of buffer Belts on salient frame construction, therefore
optimal accessibility
- product Transport by Belts, easy to clean

- simple removal of belts by central, pneumatically operated tension
mechanism, automatic retension of belts
- common exhaust valve
- all bearings maintenance-free

- all drives maintenance-free and speed-regulated
- detection of Portions entering the buffer Area using reflector-type Sensors
- intelligent distance measuring System of Portions

- Control and Visualization via Touch Screen
- microprocessor control with a graphic Touch-Screen
- interconnection of all line components with slicing and packaging machine

- cover film device underneath channelizing, spreading, formating, buffering
and loading belt for most hygienic production
- graphic Display of all line components

- waterproof screen
- memory up to 200 different programs

One program saves:
- all adjustable Belt Speeds, acceleration deceleration etc.
- all adjustable Stopp Points, distances etc.
- all adjustable times

- all selected options
- 4 Operation modes:
* automatic mode
* straight Transfer function
* cleaning mode
* manual mode
- Input of Parameters via an easily accessible touchscreen keyboard

- textual fault Display of faults and errors
- Display of all functions such as activation of:
* light sensors
* interconnected line components

ShingleLoader consisting of:

1 Basic machine

- housing 1 and swivel type housing 2
- 3 buffering stations
- standfeets
- Display and control System

1 Infeed belt with round belts
- length approx. 750 mm
- useable width approx. 420 mm

1 3-tier flip flop

- quick swivel movement via a maintenance free pneumatic drive in 3 positions
- stepless speed control
- balcony construction, therefore easy to access and easy to clean

- Conveyor belts; easy removal by pneumatic clamping and unclamping mechanism
- plastic guide rollers removable for cleaning

1 Channelizer, 2 axles moveable

- horizontal distribution on discharge side from
1 to 2 tracks, 2 to 4 tracks, by positioning (programmable)
- robust stainless steel construction designed for wet operation with
integrated control and control panel for line
- base frame with height-adjustable feet

- balcony construction, therefore easy to access and easy to clean
- Easily removable transport belts
- driven transitions to the in- and outfeed

- stepless speed control
- max. traversing distance each axle approx. +/- 300 mm

1 Aligning conveyor - 4-lanes

Different speeds driven tracks for correction and lining up
to match the format of the packaging machine
- belt length approx. 400 mm

3 buffering stations
- belt length approx. 800 mm each

1 Loading Conveyor 2-lanes incl. portioning of portions in running direction

- belt length approx. 800 mm
- Exact positioning takeover of each individual portion of the previous
belt on two separate tracks, for 2-lanes and 1-lane applications
- synchronized loading of the portions into the die-set of the packaging

- stepless speed control
- balcony construction, therefore easy to access and easy to clean
- conveyor belts; easy removal by pneumatic clamping and unclamping mechanism

- plastic guide rollers removable for cleaning
- discharge height adjustable to height of the packaging machine
- for max. infeed-width of approx. 530 mm

1 Correction track above

- sorted out product portions will be clocked out on the infeed side
- "Stroke length" (=number of portions) is programmable
- stepless speed control

- balcony construction, therefore easy to access and easy to clean
- conveyor belts; easy removal by pneumatic clamping and unclamping mechanism
- with reception table

- used slicing line, fully reconditioned

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