Computer Slicer
CCS 602 UB
Artikel-Nr. 903930
Computerslicer CCS 602
MPS 3 Control
Lenze Drive

High performance Slicer for slicing meat and sausage
products into slices with adjustable thickness of 0,1 to 50 mm.

Transport of the portions with the transport conveyor.

Machine control system with user-friendly interface.

Machine made completely of solid stainless steel.

Product carrier 602 B
Carrier unit for product length up to 1,200 mm.
Execution ground and polished.

Slicing bar 602 D
Standard execution
Slicing bar horizontal, straight

Knife head 602 E
Circular knifehead HSK 98
Speed increasing ratio 1 : 5,7

Slicing throat 602 F
width adjustable up to 360 mm,
height fix 125 mm
Downholder, spring-loaded

Universal conveyor UB-100
Transport conveyor for transporting sliced portions. The transport conveyor
is attached to the Slicer on the infeed side and is supported by the floor or
by a packaging machine on the discharge side. The conveyor belt can be easily
removed from the belt frame for cleaning.
The transport speed is controlled by the Slicer.
Lenght of transport conveyor approx. 3,600 mm.

1 Pc. Downholder NH
Downholder, spring-loaded
Execution standard rod

1 Pc. Weber circular knife WKM
Angle, cutting edge 22°
without teeth
Diameter 460 mm

1 Pc. Automatic product grippers APR
for product width from 181 up to 200 mm
for product height from 61 up to 80 mm
for meat- and sausage products

Circular knives and Product grippers are chosen in accordance with the
original customer's products. For automatic products grippers in combination
with preformed slicing bars an application technology test is always
necessary! The number of grippers results from the applications.

- used machine, completly reconditioned

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