Thermoforming Machine
VSE™ 30 / 420
Artikel-Nr. 903694
Packaging Material:
Bottom web (flexible) PA/PE
Width: 422 mm (0 / + 2 mm)
Thickness: max. 260 µm
Hot seal compliant, draw compliant

Top web (flexible) PA/PE
Width: 420 mm (+/- 1 mm)
Thickness: max. 90 µm
Hot seal compliant

Goods to be packed: unknown

Basic Machine
Consisting of:

Stainless steel construction
Hygienic design (IP 65)

Stainless steel machine frame and side panels are designed according to the
latest hygiene requirements. Side panels are easily removable and accordingly
hinged for cleaning operation. The three-dimensional welded modules have a
maximum stiffness and can be easily cleaned in between the connection points.

Machine chassis
Frame length 3,660 mm
Machine length approx. 4.744,5 mm
Machine width including cabinet approx. 1.100 mm
Machine height approx. 1.930 mm

Control cabinet width 1.000 x height 1.700 x depth 350 mm

Machine side cladding in loading area

Nominal machine width 420 mm

Transport chain 5/8" K

Electric basic equipment
Voltage 400 V, frequency 50 Hz, 3 phase(s), with neutral wire and protective
Power supply with main switch (lockable)

Integrated socket for AC voltage in control cabinet

Emergency stop switch

Safety device SE 005
Integrated safety system (Safety Logic) consisting of:
Safety PLC
Safety sensors and safety actuator

Maximum forming depth 150 mm
Safety shutter shuts before die movement
Product weight max. 4 Kg/cycle
Performance max. 9 cycles/min.

Forming station inlet: safety cover with magnet switch
Forming station outlet: safety flap with magnet switch and safety shutter

Sealing station inlet: safety flap with magnet switch and safety shutter
Sealing station outlet: safety cover with magnet switch

Perforated sheet safety covers made of stainless steel
Hygienic design

Infeed module ELM 1
Length 1,400 mm

Lifting system Forming
Receiver of forming formats
Pneumatic driven lifting system
Load capacity 20 kN (forming pressure)
Max. opening width 160 mm (lifting bottom/top: 160/0 mm)

Bottom film unwind UF 200, 3" core-Ø (76 mm)
Max. 400 mm diameter of bottom film reel
Adjustable film reel guide, incl. dancer arm system and break

Forming of bottom web
Valve block FS 200
Heating with vacuum
Forming with vacuum and compressed air
Active carbon filter 0.01 µm for oil free compressed air during forming

Loading module BLM 1
Length 630 mm

Product loading sector

Installation space for vacuum pumps

Sealing module SIM 1
Length 900 mm

Lifting system sealing
Receiver of sealing formats
Pneumatic driven lifting system
Load capacity 20 kN (sealing pressure)
Max. opening width 160 mm (lifting bottom/top: 160/0 mm)

Top film unwind OF 200, 3" core-Ø (76 mm)
Max. 400 mm diameter of top film reel
Adjustable film reel guide, incl. dancer arm system and break

Evacuation unit
Valve block ES 100
Edge evacuation
Top and bottom vacuum separately controllable

Air service unit R 1/2"
Water separator for air pressure incl. automatic emptying
Automatically water blow out system by die set change
Safety valve with pressure switch
Sealing valve with pressure regulator

Machine control

Industry 4.0 ready

Colored touch screen terminal 12,1"
Stainless steel enclosure IP65
High temperature and vibration stability

Recipe store for up to 500 recipes

Detailed status indicator of in- and outputs of the PLC visible via HMI

USB interface
Data backup of recipes and machine parameter

Ethernet interface

Password protection
Different access level for different access authorizations

Adjustable main machine data - correctable (password protected)

Adjustable switch point for vacuum and gas
Pressure reading

Electronic height adjustment for lifting system in mm: 45, 80, 110, 150

Performance indication

Cycle counter

Detailed fault tracking

4 temperature control loops with off-limit check

Cleaning program with temperature control of dies

Operator language: English
More languages are available via HMI

Cutting module SCM 1
Length 730 mm

Installation space for example of cross cutting units, contour cutting units,
longitudinal cutting units, transport systems and film waste handling

Film transport drive FA 100
Frequency inverter 1.5 kW

Perforated plate safety covers made of stainless steel for cutting and
discharge area, Hygiene design

Peripheral equipment:

Vacuum system VSP000100
BUSCH R5 RA0100F for forming and evacuation
Nominal capacity 100 m³/h

Installation kit for integrated vacuum pumps

Gas flushing kit BE 100
MAP - inert gas (O2 level < 21%)
Gas tank GT 10, check valve, pressure reducing valve and ball valve

Central lubrication system transport chain ZK 100
Lubricates the transport chain automatically with a defined amount of lube
by time or stroke

Photoelectric print registration DM 100
Adjustable photocell incl. top web break for flexible top web

Synchronization SC 100
Configurable for film transport stop or film advance.
Adjustable via HMI

R_Remote System RS 100
MGuard is a comprehensive teleservice and remote maintenance
tool. Location independent maintenance of the machine with the utmost level
of security. A switch inside the control cabinet of the machine needs to be
activated to enable the VPN tunnel. Consequently you protect parts of
your system network, complete production cells or automation components.
Only the operator is authorized to activate the system.

Trim Removal RB 200
Film edge trim
Friction drive without dancer arm system

Transport system AB 100
Discharge conveyor with belt
Height adjustable
Synchronized drive by film transport chain
Length approx. 900 mm

Cutting systems
2x cross cutting QU 20
Pneumatic driven
Smooth cut from the bottom
Opening width 170 mm (lifting bottom/top: 170/0 mm)

Longitudinal cutting system LS 10
Motor with preset speed
Suitable for flexible film

Cutoff length: 300 mm
Nominal machine width: 420 mm
Edge trim: 39 mm
Forming depth: 150 mm

Basic die
Number tracks: 1
Number rows: 1

Package specification: EPDM016039

Package dimension: 381 x 300 mm
Forming dimension: 366 x 282 mm

Die components

Forming die lower part
1x Designed for forming plate

Punch for U-shaped evacuation holes are integrated

Corner radius 4x R 20 mm

Forming die upper part
Heating above forming mold
Tubular heating elements

Non-stick coating
Teflon coating - high quality black

Sealing die lower part
Forming depth: 150 mm
Designed for sealing grid
(Sealing grid is not included in basic die)

Basic tool in basic version is not suitable for production of packages.

Vario 1
Number tracks: 3
Number rows: 2

Package specification: EPDM013463

Package dimension: 127 x 150 mm
Forming dimension: 112 x 132 mm
Package depth: 10 - 60 mm

Product weight: unknown
Product: unknown

Vario 1 Die components
1x Forming plate, 3-tracks/2-rows

6x radius plates
Width 112 mm x length 132 mm
Bottom radius 1x R 20 mm
Corner radius 4x R 20 mm
Filling plates for forming depth 10 - 60 mm

1x Sealing die upper part, 3-tracks/2-rows
Perimeter sealing seam 5 mm (nominal)

1x Sealing grid 3-tracks / 2-rows
Sealing gasket 70 Shore, 3 mm of thickness, fabric finish with 0.8 mm grid
Incl. 4 spare sealing gaskets

1x Set of filler plates, forming depth 10 - 60 mm

Vario 1 parts
for longitudinal cutting

Knife magazine consisting of:
1x Knife shaft (MW 10) incl. coupling
4x Circular knife
1x Safety cover incl. handle
1x Cutting register incl. 4 cutting edge(s)
for film support during cutting

Package support
Support system in loading area (2 track support rail(s) included)
Discharge system (2 track discharge rail(s) included)


The set performance according to DIN 8743 for these Varios and the above
mentioned machine configuration is approx. 5-6 cycles/min.
This refers to empty packages, a final vacuum set point of 10 mbar, a forming
depth of 60 mm and without liquid separator.
It depends on the nature of the product and the packaging materials (e.g.
moisture, temperature, oxygen content, etc.) to achieve the vacuum set point.

Gas system:
The above mentioned machine configuration is not designed for high oxygen gas
flush with a volume share across 21 %. A special gas flush system (explosion
proofed vacuum pump, special valve technology) is needed, if the volume share
is across 21 %.

CE - Declaration of conformity

CE - Sign

Machine labeling: English

Technical documentation
Contents: instruction manual
Spare parts catalogue
Electrical and pneumatic diagrams

1x paper, 1x CD-ROM

- New

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