Top Web Labeler
Multivac Marking & Inspection
MR615 für HAJEK VSE™ 30 / 420
Artikel-Nr. 903802-01
Labeler MR615 mounted on the control panel of HAJEK VSE30,
to apply the labels in the infeed of the top film.

Labeler without longitudinal stroke.
Without a longitudinal stroke, multi-row formats are achieved via the partial
feed of the packaging machine.

- MR615 EF6388LO420

Technical information of the packaging machine:

Machine: Hajek / rollstock machine / VSE 30
Max. Required. Clock speed / min: 6
Max. Number of tracks: 2
Max. Number of rows: 1
Stroke length: 240 mm
Film width: 420 mm
Drawing depth: 70 mm
Printing mark control: Yes

Additional Information:

1.1 Basic machine MR615 EF (right version) for labelling the top web
before sealing

consisting of:
- labelling head with high-torque stepper motor drive, applicator
- label transport and press-on unit at right angles to web direction
- mounting frame for installation on thermoforming machines at the left side
of the control cabinet above the discharge extension

If labels are applied onto preprinted top web, there might be noticeable
deviations between the print and the label position. This normally results
from stretching of the web during sealing.

Machine mounting
to suit rollstock machines

Control terminal (IPC 03)
- Interface HMI 2.0
- Intuitive operable, colored 7" TFT touch display (800x480 Pixels)
- Graphical navigation

- Clear menu navigation in more than 30 languages
- Multilevel Access-Management
- Comprehensive management of up to 500 recipes

- Backup recipes to USB Stick
- USB and Ethernet interface

Standalone control
- Machine control for all labelling and printing tasks
- CE compliant and compliant with FCC regulations
- Ambient conditions: 0o C - 30o C (35o C) 25 - 85 % relative humidity,

- Without control terminal. Please note: Depending on type an number of
machines one ore more terminals are neccessary!

External control cabinet stand

Label transport and press-on unit
label transport at right angles to web direction
stepper motor driven transport unit with handwheel and spindle
web width 420 mm, label strip width 150 mm
pneumatics: approx. 5.0-6.0 bars

Labelling multiple rows via partial advance of the packaging machine

Individual wire marking in the control cabinet according to EN 60204 § 13.2

Label dispenser - type MR 6000
- dispensing speed continuously adjustable up to max. 72 m/min,
depending on the application
- stepper motor drive with 6.2 Nm torque
- unwinding unit with dancer arm and paper brake

- unwinding disc diameter: 380 mm
- label roll diameter: max. ca. 360 mm
- label transport roller, exchangeable from the front without disassembling
the label dispenser

- rewinding diameter of the backing paper: max. 250 mm

Ultrasonic label sensor with IO-Link protocol
for paper and foil labels, transparent labels
and labels with special shapes

Unwinding unit for label reels max. 380 mm diameter

Roll end check
detection of the label reel end by means of PEC

machine documentation in hardcopy form consisting of:
- Instruction manual: English
- Spare parts catalogue: English
- Wiring/Pneumatic diagrams: English

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