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Retrofits from reisacher

Precision parts from our own production

Thanks to our in-house design and machining, we can design and manufacture precision parts exactly to your needs and quality requirements.

We support you from the initial planning to the finished product to develop a total solution that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. You benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in the manufacture of retrofit components such as new tool sets, sealing/heating plates, special deep-drawing inserts, cross/longitudinal cutting, punches, lifting units or other machine assemblies. For the correct design of the required retrofit components, our technicians are at your disposal to check the feasibility at your site.

At reisacher, your needs are the focus of our work.

reisacher signet glasses

Improve the efficiency and quality of your packaging processes with high-precision sealing glasses from Reisacher!

These specialised tools are designed to ensure an even, airtight and durable seal on your products. Our sealing goggles ensure perfect pressure and temperature contact to achieve the perfect seal every time. Whether you are upgrading existing machines or aiming for new packaging solutions, our sealing goggles are the right choice for you.

Rely on our sealing goggles - for superior packaging results and optimal
results and optimum product presentation.

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Sealed Glasses from reisacher

reisacher mould chamber

Expand your packaging possibilities with our high-quality moulding chambers from Reisacher!

Specially designed, our moulding chambers enable the efficient production of customised packaging that perfectly fits your products. From customised shaping to optimal use of packaging material, our moulding chambers offer the flexibility and precision you need. They are robust, durable and integrate seamlessly with your existing packaging machinery.

Take your packaging solutions to the next level with our forming chambers.

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Moulding chambers by reisacher

reisacher thermoforming inserts

Maximise the performance of your thermoforming packaging machines with our high-quality thermoforming inserts from Reisacher!

Perfect the shape of your packaging with our precision-engineered inserts designed to meet your specific requirements. Our thermoforming inserts are robust, durable and adapt seamlessly to your existing systems.

With our thermoforming inserts, your packaging will not only be functional, but also visually appealing.

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Thermoforming inserts from reisacher

reisacher Jumbo
Foil unwinding

Increase your productivity with our Jumbo Foil Unwind from Reisacher!

This powerful retrofit is specifically designed to work with larger rolls of film, which means you need to change fewer rolls and your production runs smoother and faster. Robust, reliable and easy to use, our Jumbo Film Unwinder ensures that your film is always correctly positioned and tightly tensioned for optimum packaging results.

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The Jumbo Foil Unwind from reisacher
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