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Highest quality & freshness

Your meat and sausage products are not only attractively presented, but also stay preserved and protected for longer. Our packaging solutions ensure that the slices do not stick together and that their quality is maintained during transport and storage.

Our portfolio for meat & sausage products

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Experience freshness and quality in every slice

Our high-quality machines ensure precise processing that preserves the consistency of your products and prevents sticking. Every cut is made with great precision so that your sausage and meat products are always perfectly portioned. A standard software setting prevents bubbles and discolouration in vacuum-packed meat. This prolongs shelf life and reduces meat juice leakage. Thanks to the softair setting, the meat can also be packed with sharp-edged boils (lamb crown, chop or tomahawk) without the bag being punctured. This allows you to offer your customers a high quality product that is both visually appealing and a pleasure to taste.

Advantages of reisacher

  • Flexibility:
    Our slicer machines offer different cutting widths and speeds, making them ideal for processing meat and sausage products.
  • Precise cuts:
    Our slicer machines provide precise and uniform cuts that improve the appearance, shelf life and taste of your food products.
  • Cost savings:
    By using our professionally reconditioned used machines, you get a cost-efficient alternative to new machines, without compromising on quality or performance.
  • Excellent service and support
    We provide comprehensive technical support, repairs, maintenance and training to ensure that your machines always perform optimally and you get the most out of your investment.
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