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Presentation, Protection & Freshness

Quality, freshness and protection are our top priorities to provide your customers with an incomparable enjoyment experience of your pasta. Rely on our many years of experience and innovative technologies to package your pasta safely and attractively.

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Fresh packaging expertise for delicious pasta

We understand that your pasta should not only convince in terms of taste and quality, but also in terms of presentation. Careful handling and the choice of suitable packaging materials help to ensure that the pasta retains its pleasant consistency and texture. This way, you can be sure that your customers will have an enjoyable taste experience every time.

Advantages of reisacher

  • Aroma protection:
    A good seal and barrier protection from air and moisture help pasta retain its full flavour.
  • Retention of shape:
    Especially with pressure-sensitive products such as croissants, it is important that the packaging machine ensures that the pasta retains its shape.
  • Product visibility:
    For certain pasta products, such as filled or decorative products, it is advantageous if the packaging machine offers transparent packaging.
  • Protection against hardening:
    Our packaging machine ensures that the pasta does not harden in the packaging. Suitable packaging protects the texture and consistency of the pasta.
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