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Preventing moisture, dust and damage are our top priorities when it comes to packaging products such as cables, tools, screws and much more.

Our portfolio for technical & industrial products

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Packaging as a success factor

We offer efficient technology that maximises protection against shock, vibration and other stresses, while ensuring an attractive presentation of your products. Our packaging machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of your technical industrial products. We offer customised solutions for plastics, screws, electronic components and many other products. With our technology, you can be sure that your products are optimally protected and can realise their full potential.

Advantages of reisacher

  • Protection from damage:
    To ensure safe packaging, our thermoforming machines are able to protect products from shocks, vibrations and other mechanical stresses during transport. We achieve this through padding, shock-absorbing materials or special packaging techniques.
  • Environmental friendliness:
    In times of increased environmental awareness, it is important that a thermoforming machine offers environmentally friendly options. That is why our machines also work with the use of recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials.
  • Efficiency and speed:
    Our thermoforming machines have high speed and capability to make the packaging process efficient and reduce production time.
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