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Precise portioning machines

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Precise portioning for
your food production

Discover our versatile portioning machines
Our reisacher portioning machines offer precise solutions for the perfect presentation of your products, whether as segments, cubes, bars, pieces or grated. Specialised in high-quality new portioning machines, especially for cheese, our cutting technology ensures perfect results. Let our experts advise you, discover our product range and set new standards in precision and efficiency.

Product overview portioning machines

Our portioning machines from reisacher are the perfect solution for precise and fast portioning of cheese products. We offer a wide portfolio of different machines in modular design to meet the requirements of our customers. Our reisacher portioning machines are designed for precise processing of cheese and guarantee a high yield. We cut your product exactly in the way you want it - segments, pieces, bars, cubes, grated cheese. Our customers benefit from our extensive experience and competent customer service.

Modes of portioning

Reisacher portioning machines allow different modes of cutting types such as:

  • Segments / pieces (pitch 2, 4, 8 and 16)
  • Bars 
  • Cubes
  • Grated

Your advantages with

  1. Saving time & efforts
  2. Convenience and product presentation
  3. Sustainability & longevity
  4. Cost savings
  5. Excellent service and after-sales support
made by reisacher

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The reisacher portioning machines enable reliable and precise portioning of cheese products as well as alternative protein products. The machines are of modular design and can be easily integrated into existing production lines Service & support from reisacher included.

Service & Support

At reisacher we are proud on our excellent service and support. We offer comprehensive technical support as well as fast and efficient service to help minimize any production interruptions. We also offer regular inspection and maintenance to significantly reduce your downtime.

We are always available to support our customers with comprehensive support, training and application knowledge. Our experienced engineers will help to choose the right machine and assist you with installation and start-up.

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