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Packaging is critical in the medical industry to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of medical products and to protect patient health.

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Safety first

Highest standards for safe and reliable packaging in the medical industry

In the medical industry, safety is of paramount importance, especially when packaging products for treatments or for use with patients. Our packaging machines are designed to ensure maximum safety. From sterile packaging to product safety and traceability, we are committed to the highest standards to build the confidence of healthcare professionals and patients.

Advantages of reisacher

  • Compliance with regulatory standards:
    Medical products are subject to strict regulatory requirements and standards. The GPS Reisacher packaging machine is subject to certifications such as ISO 13485 to ensure compliance and safety of the packaging.
  • Sterility:
    Our packaging machine for medical products ensure a sterile environment. This means they have dedicated cleaning and disinfection mechanisms to minimise the risk of contamination.
  • Product integrity: reisacher packaging machines are able to ensure product integrity during the packaging process. This includes protection against damage, deformation or contamination to ensure that medical products remain in optimal condition.
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