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Natural freshness & unadulterated taste

We know that fresh fruit and crisp vegetables make an important contribution to a healthy lifestyle. So discover our innovative packaging solutions for their products that guarantee long-lasting freshness.

Our portfolio for fruit & vegetables

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Freshness & sustainability combined

Our packaging machines are precisely adapted to the breathing properties of fruit and vegetables. They ensure a permanently optimal atmosphere inside the packaging, which supports the natural ripening process while preventing excessive ripening. This keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, retains their nutritional value and taste, and ensures improved sustainability.

Advantages of reisacher

  • Protection from damage:
    The thermoforming machines ensure that the fruit and vegetables are not crushed or damaged during the packaging process.
  • Breathability of the packaging:
    To ensure that the vitamins and fibre of the fruit and vegetables are not lost, our packaging is breathable. This allows the exchange of oxygen and CO2 to maintain the natural ripening and quality of the product.
  • Logistics process:
    They are designed to stack and transport well to ensure an efficient and safe logistics process.
  • Flexibility:
    Our professionally reconditioned used machines are able to efficiently pack different types of fruits and vegetables with different shapes, sizes and weights.
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