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New machines Item No: 903575
Condition new
Areas of application Meat and sausage productsFishCheeseVeganFruit & VegetablesPasta
pulsotronic M-Pulse2 BD-HD
Metal Detection, stop in case of metal detection
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Description M-Pulse2 BD-HD

The conveyor belts HQ in combination with high-performance metal detectors
BD-HD, provide a highly sensitive and reliable system for detecting
and outward transfer of metal.

Machine execution M-Pulse2 BD-HD
  • Search coil for conveyor installation 600 x 300 mm
  • Frequenz: Dualfrequenz 120/80 kHz
  • Stainless steel housing

  • Metal-free zone for moving metal parts: 1.5 x height detector

  • Metal-free zone for static metal parts: 1.0 x height detector

  • Product clearance height: max. approx. 240 mm

  • Protection class: IP69

Control Unit M-Pulse2:

  • Display & Tastatur: TFT (65.536 Farben)- Bedieneinheit 5,7"
    inkl. Touch + Multifunktions- und Pfeiltasten
  • Digitale Ein- und Ausgänge, Analoger Ein- und Ausgang
  • USB-Port for reporting exportation (PDF format)

Conveyor belt HQ 2.000 x 500 mm

  • Length: 2.000 mm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Check nozzle height: approx. 800 +/- 50 mm

  • Side guiding on both sides, height approx. 100 mm

  • Link-chain conveyor (colour: blue)
  • Conveyor-belt speed adjustable: approx. 20 - 30 m/min

  • Product flow direction: from right to left

  • band stop in case of metal detection
  • Signal: lamp red/blue & acoustic

  • Conveyor belt with steering rolls with brake