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Used machines Item No: 903972
Condition used slicing line, fully reconditioned
Areas of application Meat and sausage productsCheeseVegan
Weber CCS 902 SLC
Weber CCS 902 SLC
High Capacity Slicing Machine with weighing line
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Computerslicer CCS 902 SLC

Computerslicer CCS 902

Touch Control
Elau drive

High performance Slicer for slicing meat, sausage and cheese
products into slices with adjustable thickness of 0.1 up to 50 mm.

Slicing throat, width continuously adjustable up to 380 mm,
(depending on machine execution).

Machine control system with user-friendly interface.

Machine made completely of solid stainless steel.

Product carrier 900 B
Carrier unit for product length up to 1.200 mm.
Product support belt. The support belt moves forward up to the slicing bar
after the loading procedure. At the end of each slicing procedure the support
belt is pulled back pneumatically and in this way clears an opening for the
ejection of the end pieces. The conveyor belt runs synchronously with the
gripper by which it is driven. The support conveyor and the conveyor belt can
be removed from the machine.
Execution ground and polished
without lateral pressure device.
The clearance height can be progressively adjusted from 125 to 180 mm.

Transfer unit 900 C
The transfer unit consists mainly of a portioning conveyor and a control
conveyor. The portioning conveyor picks up the slices cut by the Slicer,
divides them into portions and passes them on to the control conveyor for
further transport to the subsequent units. The basic function can be
implemented with each CCU variant. The transfer unit is attached to the
discharge side of the Slicer. It can be set progressively in a horizontal or
vertical position or at an angle. The transport means and
the rollers can be easily removed for cleaning.

CCU Standard with portioning an control conveyor

Length of portioning conveyor approx. 150 mm,
Length of control conveyor approx. 600 mm.
Portioning conveyor with belt,
Control conveyor with round belts.

Slicing bar 900 D
Standard slicing bar carrier
The slicing bar carrier is attached to the product carrier.
The clearance height is set progressively together
with the product carrier rate.
Slicing bar horizontal, straigth.

Knife head 900 E
Involute knife head WSK 3

Product guide 900 F
with pneumatic Downholders

Modules after the slicer CCS 902 SLC

Checkweigher 300 I
Digital weighing system with transport speed up to 1,300 mm/s.
For cleaning it, the checkweigher must not be dismantled.
Checkweigher completely made of stainless steel.

Weighing table, length approx. 485 mm, width 2x approx. 225 mm
capacity up to 100 weight measurements/min. (depending on portions)
max. weight of portion: 3,000 g, resolution 0.2 g
weighing table with round belts.

Rocker CCR
3 track rocker enclosed in washdown proof stainless steel cabinet
Mono rocker
length approx. 450 mm
width approx. 380 mm
Execution with flat belts

Transport conveyor CCE
Static transport conveyor; heavy version.
Conveyor to transport the portions from the Slicer to the packaging machine.
The conveyor belt can be easily removed from the belt frame without using any
tools. The transport speed is controlled by the Slicer.

Length of transport conveyor, including spanner, approx. 4,100 mm
Table extension of conveyor swinging out,
length of spanner 900 mm, inclinable

Top reject conveyor, length approx. 2,100 mm
Height of conveyors fixed,
Belt-width approx. 420 mm.

Slicer accessories CCS 902 SLC

Additional increase of the feet 902 SFE
For Slicer model SLC.

1 Pc. Weber-knife, sickle shaped WSM
Execution without teeth
Teflon plated, cutting edge not coated.
Distance centre of rotor to cutting edge 400 mm

1 Pc. blade guard for Weber knife, sickle shaped
Blade guard for Weber knife, sickle shaped, distance 400 mm.

2 Pc. Downholder NH
Downholder, pneumatic execution
Execution standard with rod

1 Pc. Automatic round grippers for calibrated products
for product calibre from approx. 90 up to 100 mm
for meat and sausage products

Others CCS 902 SLC

Product grippers, downholders and sickle knives are chosen in accordance with
the original customer's products only after putting the machine into
operation and will therefore be invoiced only on delivery! For automatic
products grippers in combination with preformed slicing bars an application
technology test is always necessary!