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reisacher 2XL series
2XL series New machines - Chamber
reisacher 2XL series
New machines

Vacuum packaging machine

With the 2XL series, a machine concept of robust double-chamber machines made of easy-
to-clean stainless steel for heavy-duty use in large-scale trade and industry has been
implemented in a wide range of formats. For example, the latest 2XL-85 and 2XL-95
vacuum machines features optionally an automatic lid for the best ergonomics and the
advantage of an increased production number. (Machine cycle: between 15 and 45 sec)
The machines are equipped with a Busch vacuum pump and comply with CE standards. They offer a wide range of options and accessories to meet individual requirements.
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  • reisacher 2XL-50
  • reisacher 2XL-60F
  • reisacher 2XL-70F
  • reisacher 2XL-75
  • reisacher 2XL-75A
  • reisacher 2XL-85
  • reisacher 2XL-90A
  • reisacher 2XL-90T
  • reisacher 2XL-95
Areas of application Meat and sausage productsFishCheeseVeganFruit & VegetablesPastaMedical technology productsTechnical & Industrial Products
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Specification 2XL series

Reisacher 2XL series - reliable vacuuming

The reisacher 2XL series impresses with its versatility and reliability. With different sealing bar lengths, a high-quality Busch vacuum pump and a digital control, these vacuum packaging machines offer optimum performance. Removable silicone containers make cleaning and maintenance easy, while optional cut-off welding/wide welding offers additional flexibility. The machines feature a flat worktop, insert plates for efficient product placement and a robust stainless steel chassis. With IP-65 classification, they are also protected against dust and water.
  • Different sealing bar lengths
  • Double welding or optional cut-off welding/wide welding
  • Removable silicone tank
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Pump conditioning programme
  • Digital control with preselection programmes
  • Soft-Air for product protection
  • Plane worktop
  • Insert plates for fast processing cycle
  • Robust stainless steel chassis
  • IP-65 classification
Advantages 2XL series
  • Professional vacuum packaging solution
    for various applications and industries.
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
    for reliability and durability.
  • Flexibility through various options and accessories,
    to meet individual needs.
  • User-friendly digital control
    for easy operation.
  • Optimal product placement and protection
    through soft air and adjustable parameters.
  • CE and ETL certified
    reisacher machines comply with ETL, UL, CSA, NSF and CE standards
  • up to 3 years warranty
    reisacher offers up to 3 years warranty on spare parts
Variants 2XL series
reisacher 2XL-40
reisacher 2XL-50
reisacher 2XL-60F*
reisacher 2XL-70F*
reisacher 2XL-75
reisacher 2XL-85
reisacher 2XL-95
reisacher 2XL-90T
reisacher 2XL-75A
reisacher 2XL-90A
Technical data 2XL series

Vacuum chamber machines
reisacher 2XL SERIES

Model Dimensions chamber in mm (LxWxH) Dimensions machine in mm (LxWxH) Welding bar in mm Capacity pump
reisacher 2XL-40 400 x 620 x 240 790 x 1545 x 1090 2 x 620 63 m³
reisacher 2XL-50 500 x 620 x 240 900 x 1545 x 1175 2 x 620 100 m³
reisacher 2XL-60F* 580 x 450 x 235 880 x 1060 x 1070 2 x 450 63 m³
reisacher 2XL-70F* 700 x 550 x 235 1010 x 1260 x 1070 2 x 550 100 m³
reisacher 2XL-75 750 x 620 x 250 1150 x 1545 x 1180 2 x 620 160 m³
reisacher 2XL-85 830 x 840 x 255 1230 x 1980 x 1180 2 x 840 300 m³
reisacher 2XL-95 730 x 1100 x 280 1210 x 2420 x 1130 2 x 1100 300 m³
reisacher 2XL-90T 840 x 890 x 220 1180 x 2420 x 1150 2 x 840 300 m³
reisacher 2XL-75A 880 x 550 x 280 1160 x 1545 x 1105 2 x 880 100/160 m³
reisacher 2XL-90A 870 x 880 x 280 1269 x 1965 x 1105 2 x 880 160/300 m³
* F-row: Tub and lid made of high-quality aluminium including viewing window in the lid.
All specifications and technical changes are subject to change without notice.
  • Sous-vide cookingSous-vide cooking is an effective method of food preparation in which the cooking temperature is adjusted and kept constant for each dish. It is particularly suitable for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, sauces and soups, main courses and desserts.
  • Packing foodIndividual products, small portions or bulk packaging are vacuum packed, mainly to extend shelf life. Suitable for foods such as game, beef or pork, poultry, fish, dairy products, soups or ready meals.
  • GastronomyIn the hospitality industry, vacuuming offers numerous advantages that often also lead to cost reductions: longer shelf life, purchasing at a better price, optimal staff organisation, promotion of hygiene and improvement of quality.
  • Non-food packagingIn many non-food industries, it is known that airtight packaging offers numerous advantages: Protection against moisture and dirt, volume reduction, less transport damage, prevention of corrosion, lower storage and transport costs, completeness in picked packages.
Accessory equipment options 2XL series
We will be happy to provide you with various accessories for the reisacher 2XL SERIES.
Thermal label printer
(only available for machines with ACS control)
Ultra-compact label printer for creating labels for relevant packaging details. Essential package details, such as product name, package and expiry date and storage temperature, are printed automatically during the vacuum packaging cycle. A thermal label printer offers many advantages for any vacuum packaging process. The label printer from reisacher is compatible with ACS control and fully HACCP compliant.
  • Direct thermal
  • Programming language ZPL and EPL
  • 5 status icon, 3-button user interface
  • USB 2.0, USB host
  • OpenACCESSTM for easy media loading
  • Dual-wall platen direction
  • ENERGY STAR compliant
  • Includes label dispenser, 1 roll of labels, connection cable and configuration.
  • Bluetooth energy arm
  • Only available for machines with ACS control

  • Resolution 203 dpi/8 dots per mm
  • Memory: 512 MB Flash; 256 MB SDRAM
  • Max. Print width: 56 mm for 203 dpi
  • Max. Print speed: 152 mm per second (203 dpi)
  • Firmware: ZPL II, EPL 2, EPL Line Mode, XML, ZBI

Inclined insert
For optimal product positioning
The inclined insert plate offers maximum convenience when packing liquids or powders such as soups, sauces and flour. The ability to position the vacuum bag at a specific angle in the chamber keeps the product precisely in place. The inclined insert is available in different sizes and fits all models.

Service kit

Service kits for smooth maintenance

reisacher provides service kits for all machine models. Each service kit includes sealing bars, Teflon tape, cover gasket, oil for the pump and silicone strips for the counter bar. The service kits can be purchased together with the machine or as accessories after purchase.

For the floor models, it is necessary to order the oil separately due to the varying quantities depending on the pump size.

Please note that specifications and options may vary depending on the model. The above information is provided as a general overview and may vary slightly depending on the specific model.