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reisacher KMS 450
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Cheese dividing machine
KMS 450

Cheese dividing machine KMS 450 for semi-automatic dividing of hard and soft cheese in one operation, with knife or wire cutting set into segment or rectangular pieces. The reisacher KMS 450 cheese dividing machine is the ideal solution for the precise dividing of hard and soft cheese. With its advanced technology and outstanding performance, it enables efficient processing of cheese products. The machine is characterised by its versatile adjustment options, user-friendly operation and high safety standards. The reisacher KMS 450 is the first choice for food manufacturers who place the highest demands on accurate dividing and efficiency.

  • reisacher KMS 450
  • reisacher KMS 450
  • reisacher KMS 450
Areas of application CheeseVegan
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Specification KMS 450

reisacher KMS 450 - Precise cutting process


The simple construction, the electromechanical spindle drive, the ground guide shafts, the oversized bearings and the machine body in hygienic design guarantee a long service life and low maintenance. The knife sets have easily replaceable individual stainless steel knives.


The KMS 450 cheese dividing machine was developed for dividing hard and soft cheese into segmental or rectangular pieces. Cutting is done in one operation using knife or wire cutting sets. The design of the machine allows one operator to cut up to 3 loaves per minute. The cheese is placed on the support table and the cut is triggered by operating the two-hand control. The knife set moves through the cheese into the support table. The cut pieces are removed manually and the knife set returns to the starting position automatically by pressing the knee switch. Working cycle: approx. 3/min



  • Version with discharge conveyor belt. In this version, the cheese is placed on the knife set and the pressure block coming from above presses the cheese through the knife set onto the discharge conveyor. This increases the maximum take-up rate to 4 to 5 loaves per minute.
  • Attached core punch for punching out a centre core. The core punching tool is interchangeable. The core size is determined by the number of portions. The advantage of this is that core punching and segment cutting are carried out simultaneously in one work cycle.
Advantages KMS 450
  • Precise and uniform portioning of hard and soft cheese
  • High performance and efficiency in processing
  • User-friendly operation and easy handling via two-hand control
  • Robust construction for long service life and low maintenance requirements
  • Reliable and low-maintenance eletromechanical spindle drive
Technical data KMS 450


Product type Maximum dimensions Maximum height
Loaves Ø up to 450 mm up to 250 mm
without core punch
Ø up to 250 mm  
Blocks up to 450 x 450 mm up to 250 mm
Larger dimensions on request
Number of segments up to 46
Portion thickness min. 20 mm
Bar width min. 50 mm
Larger dimensions on request
Width 740 mm
Length 840 mm
Total height 1400 mm
Electrical connection 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph., N, PE
Connection cable min. 2.5 kW, depending on equipment
All specifications and technical changes are subject to change
Execution options KMS 450
Segment cutting
Segment division pieces
Segment division (bar)
Bar cutting
Longitudinal division (transom)
Portion cutting
Accessory equipment options KMS 450
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options
for the reisacher KMS 450.

  • Side-mounted core punch
  • Laterally mounted height dividing unit
  • Positioning aids or centring units