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reisacher MS 142
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Bar cutting machine
MS 142

Bar cutting machine MS 142 for semi-automatic cutting of cheese blocks into cheese bars by means of a cutting set.
The reisacher MS 142 bar cutting machine is the ideal solution for precise and efficient bar cutting of cheese. With this specialised machine, producers can cut large quantities of cheese into sticks quickly and evenly. The reisacher MS 142 offers outstanding performance and allows flexible adjustment of the log width. It is an indispensable tool for cheese dairies and food processors looking for a reliable and efficient cheese processing solution.

  • reisacher MS 142
  • reisacher MS 142
Areas of application CheeseVegan
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Specification MS 142

reisacher MS 142 - Precise cutting process

The reisacher MS 142 is a basic, functional and economical cheese cutting machine for processing semi-hard and soft cheese blocks into sticks. Due to its simple design with manual cheese block unit and two-hand controlled cutting process, the MS 142 supports the production in cheese shredding in preparation for further processing and packaging. The reisacher MS 142 is also fully convincing in terms of hygienic design, operator safety and flexibility.
A machine concept for practical use.

Advantages MS 142
  • Interchangeable cutting frame, fitted with knives or wires
  • Reliable pneumatic cylinder drive
  • Safe machine operation via two-hand control
  • Pneumatically operated exchangeable pressure frame
  • Undriven roller conveyor on which the cheese block is moved during the cutting process
Technical data MS 142

Bar cutting machine
reisacher MS 142

Width 1,000 mm
Length 3,000 mm
Working height 1,000 mm
Total height 2,000 mm
All specifications and technical changes reserved
  Width Length Height
Cheese block up to 600 mm up to 600 mm up to 140 mm
Larger height on request

  Bar width
Bar cutting from 50 to 150 mm
Execution options MS 142
Bar cutting
Longitudinal division (bars)
Accessory equipment options MS 142
We are happy to provide you with different equipment options for the reisacher MS 142.
  • Available with interchangeable cutting frames fitted with knives or wires