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Cheese pre-shredding machine ES 1153 specially developed for the fully automatic pre-shredding of cheese blocks and cheese wheels into sticks or pieces for further processing in e.g. a melting and/or grating plant. The reisacher ES 1153 cheese pre-shredding machine is a powerful and robust machine designed to shred cheese into smaller pieces before further processing. With various shredding methods, reisacher's ES 1153 enables fast and efficient pre-shredding of large cheese blocks and cheese wheels. It is characterised by its user-friendliness and high performance. The machine meets all hygiene and safety requirements and is indispensable for cheese dairies and food processing companies that need reliable pre-shredding of cheese to optimise the further processing process.

  • reisacher ES 1153
  • reisacher ES 1153
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Specification ES 1153

reisacher ES 1153 - Precise cutting process


The reisacher ES 1153 preshredding machine is a guillotine cutting machine,
whose focus is on economical cutting with efficient cutting and drive technology. In practice, it means cutting
of cheese wheels and blocks of cheese into sticks or optionally pieces under specification of robust, practice-oriented features
including all hygiene and safety requirements. After manually placing the raw cheese formats, the conveyor belt transports the cheese
the cheese in front of the guillotine cutter. The cheese wheel or block is detected by a light barrier and the cutting process is triggered. According to
selected, the block of cheese is cut step by step on the conveyor belt and transported out of the machine.


For general cleaning or maintenance work, such as changing the conveyor belt,
the entire belt body can be pushed out of the machine to the rear without tools.
(This requires a free area of approx. 3 m behind the machine). For standard cleaning
the cutting belt is simply released via a swivel part in the belt body.


1) automatic cutting mode (standard and for cheese cuts).
2) Cleaning mode (knife locked, belt movement with open safety doors
is possible for cleaning purposes)

Advantages ES 1153
  • Fast and efficient pre-shredding of cheese
  • User-friendly operation and easy maintenance
  • Reliable electromechanical drive
  • Machine control via SPS
  • Machine operation via control panel
Technical data ES 1153

Cheese pre-shredding machine
reisacher ES 1153

Width 1,520 mm
Length 2,880 mm
Working height 1,000 mm
Total height 2,020 mm
Electrical connection 3 x 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz, N, PE
Connection cable 4 KW
All specifications and technical changes are subject to change without notice.
  Width Height
Blocks max. 850 mm up to 250 mm

Bar thickness from 30 to 100 mm
Portion thickness from 50 mm
Execution options ES 1153
Portion cutting
Bar cutting
Longitudinal division (bars)
Accessory equipment options ES 1153
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options
for the reisacher ES 1153.
  • Available in HB version for maximum cheese width of 960 mm & height of 380 mm.
  • Guillotine cutting knife with knife flags for more efficient pre-shredding