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reisacher BMR 950
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Cheese cleaning machine BMR 950


The cheese cleaning machine BMR 950 was specially developed for cleaning of naturally ripened round cheeses with a diameter of approx. 280 - 950 mm. Cheeses with a firm rind, such as Emmentaler and Gruyére, are cleaned effectively with various cleaning devices, such as the integrated scraper knife as standard. With naturally ripened cheeses, scraping or brushing off the firm rind almost goes by itself. With minor modifications, the BMR 950 can also be used to clean extra-hard cheeses such as Parmesan.

The machine generates a vacuum to fix the cheese loaves on the turntable and set them in a rotating motion. With an infinitely variable turntable speed and a cleaning time of about 3 minutes for an Emmentaler loaf, the BMR 950 ensures a high degree of cleaning and optimal results.

Depending on the surface condition, you can use different cleaning devices such as standard scraping knives for chip-removing cleaning or rotary brushes for removing cheese dust.

Areas of application CheeseVegan
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Advantages BMR 950
  • Reliable electromechanical drive
  • Effective cleaning of round cheese wheels of different diameters
  • Different cleaning devices for different surface conditions
  • Easy operation with electric foot switch
  • Infinitely variable gear for adapted turntable speed
  • High-quality stainless steel construction for durability and hygiene
  • Optional accessories for individual requirements
Technical data BMR 950

Cheese cleaning machine
reisacher BMR 950

Length 1,200 mm
Width 800 mm
Table height 780 mm
Total height 2,000 mm
Electrical connection 3x230/400 V, or 3x220 V, 50-60 Hz, 16A
U.p.M. of the brush 1.400
Weight approx. 300 kg
Technical modifications reserved
  Diameter in mm
Cheese loaves min. 280 to max. 950
Execution options BMR 950
Round loaves
whole round loaves
up to diam. 950 mm
Accessory equipment options BMR 950
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options
for the reisacher BMR 950.
  • Scraping arm
  • Brush arm
  • Various. Attachments for different cheese diameters
  • Cheese dust extraction system
  • Loading aid Vacu-Jet
  • Cheese turner KW10