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reisacher Vertical buffer for portions
Vertical buffer for portions New machines - Portioning
reisacher Vertical buffer for portions
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Vertical buffer for portions


The vertical buffer for portions, an innovative solution from Reisacher, has been specially developed to smooth out any fluctuations in product flow and ensure a constant supply to downstream machines such as thermoforming machines. It represents an important component in a fully automated production line by minimising the potential for interruptions and thus increasing the overall efficiency of the production process. Suitable for a wide range of portion types, the buffer is characterised by its high adaptability and flexibility. Whether you are handling large or small portions, this vertical buffer will meet your specific requirements with ease and precision.
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Advantages Vertical buffer for portions
  • Reliable electromechanical drive
  • Machine control via SPS
  • Machine operation via control panel
  • Highly flexible adaptability
  • Increases production speed
  • Minimises interruptions to operation
  • Suitable for different portion types
Technical data Vertical buffer for portions


application dependent

Final product:
Width 50 to 120 mm
Height 12 to 80 mm
Length 70 to 280 mm
Accessory equipment options Vertical buffer for portions
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options
for the reisacher vertical buffers for portions.
  • Buffer locations defined (number and size) for the case of need