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reisacher ES 180/181/182
ES 180/181/182 New machines - Portioning
reisacher ES 180/181/182
New machines

Centre parting & trimming machine for
bars ES 180/181/182

The ES 180 is a specially designed centre cutting machine that is ideal for the precise and efficient cutting of bars into uniform sections. It offers reliable performance and consistent quality in every cutting operation.

The ES 181 is a powerful trimming machine, designed to trim the edge of bars precisely and cleanly. It delivers consistent quality and improves the appearance and handling of the poles.

The ES 182 combines the functions of the ES 180 and ES 181 to provide both centre cutting and bar edging in a single, efficient operation. It is a compact but powerful machine that offers precision and versatility in bar processing.
Areas of application CheeseVegan
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Advantages ES 180/181/182
  • Reliable electromechanical drive
  • Machine control via SPS
  • Machine operation via line control panel
  • Precise processing for accurate results
  • Flexibility with different bar sizes
  • Easy integration into existing production lines
  • Robust and durable construction
Technical data ES 180/181/182




Width 50 to 250 mm
Height 50 to 120 mm
Length 300 to 950 mm
Stowage spaces: depending on application
Accessory equipment options ES 180/181/182
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options
for the reisacher ES 180/181/182:
  • Longer (L) version
  • Shorter (K) version