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reisacher ES 85/86
ES 85/86 New machines - Portioning
reisacher ES 85/86
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Portion Cutting Machine Automated
ES 85/86

The reisacher ES 85/86 is an automated portion cutting machine specifically designed to efficiently and accurately cut cheese sticks into uniform portions. This machine is designed for maximum precision and consistency in portioning, meeting the requirements of a wide range of food processing environments.
The machine uses an electro-mechanically operated guillotine cutter, which is renowned for its cutting power and accuracy. This ensures precise, consistent cuts and allows the machine to process a wide variety of cheeses with ease and efficiency.
The reisacher ES 85/86 offers fully automated features that increase productivity and reduce workload. By automating the cutting process, food producers can maximise efficiency, reduce labour costs and improve product quality.
The machine's robust and durable design ensures that it can withstand the rigours of food processing while delivering years of reliable performance. Together with its ease of use, the reisacher ES 85/86 is an excellent choice for any production environment that requires precise, consistent and efficient cutting.
Areas of application CheeseVegan
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Advantages ES 85/86
  • Reliable electromechanical drive
  • Machine control via SPS
  • Machine operation via control panel
  • High cutting precision
  • Automated process
  • Versatile cheese processing
  • Robust construction
Technical data ES 85/86




Width 70 to 280 mm
Height 50 to 120 mm
Length 200 to 950 mm
Stowage spaces: depending on application
Final product:
Width 70 to 280 mm
Segments 12 to 80 mm
Execution options ES 85/86
Portion cutting
Accessory equipment options ES 85/86
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options
for the reisacher ES 85/86:
  • Available with cradle and measuring technology for cutting weight-selected portions.
  • Accumulating and loading conveyor for transfer to a thermoforming machine