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ES 135


Cheese slicing machine ES 135 for fully automatic slicing of cheese loaves and cheese blocks into sticks with the option of cutting on and off by means of an electro-mechanically operated guillotine cutter. The reisacher ES 135 automatic cheese slicer sets new standards in cheese slicing technology. With precise and uniform cuts, it enables consistent product quality and increases efficiency in food processing. The reisacher ES 135 is characterised by its versatile application possibilities, user-friendly operation and high performance. It can process various types of cheese and cuts, while meeting all hygiene and safety standards. With the reisacher ES 135 you can automate your production processes and improve the quality of your cheese products.
Areas of application CheeseVegan
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Specification ES 135

reisacher ES 135 - Precise cutting process

The reisacher ES 135 an extraordinary design for excellent results with bar cuts of cheese wheels and cheese blocks in different raw sizes. The guidelines for hygiene and safety are met with aplomb. The machine concept in balcony design is consistently continued (drive elements separate from the product side). The proven, individually programmable electronic control system ensures maximum flexibility in the work processes and in the setting of all cutting parameters.


For machine extensions, interfaces and design requirements as well as reserves for scaling up performance have been taken into account.
  • Drive motor: Variable speeds ensure the optimum working speed for different products.
  • Cutting angle adjustment: For a perfect, straight start and end cut of the cutter blade.
  • Cleaning: In conjunction with the cutting angle adjustment, the cutting blade can be folded out to both sides.
  • Bar alignment lengthwise: For better right-angled further processing.
  • Cutting and remnant separation
  • Counter tilting device: Used for cheese wheels, so that the first half of the cut sticks is also on the long cut side.
  • Automatic feeding with belt or destacking device
  • Centre- /King-Cut cutting
  • Optimat programme: By entering a tolerance width of the log dimension, an optimum yield of the cheese loaf is achieved with different loaf diameters.


Advantages ES 135
  • Easy cleaning
  • Machine control via SPS
  • Reliable electromechanical drive
  • User-friendly operation via control panel
  • Precise and uniform cuts for consistent product quality
  • Meets all hygiene and safety standards for the food industry
  • Versatile application possibilities for different cheese types and cutting methods
Technical data ES 135

Automatic cheese cutting machine
reisacher ES 135

Product Maximum diameter Maximum width Maximum length Maximum height
Cheese wheel
980 mm - - 285 mm
- 800 mm 800 mm 285 mm

Maximum cheese width 950 mm
Maximum cheese height 285 mm

Cut type Minimum cut Minimum end cut
Cheese wheel
40 mm 40 mm
Cheese block
12 mm 14 mm
Bar width 50 to 150 mm
Strip width 50 to 900 mm

Width 1,900 to 3,830 mm (depending on the removal unit)
Length 2,800 mm
Working height 1,000 mm
Total height 2,300 mm
Electrical connection 3 x 230/400 V, 50/60 HZ, N, PE
Connection cable 7 KW
Pneumatic connection 6 bar, R ½"
All specifications and technical changes are subject to change
Execution options ES 135
Segment cutting
Segment division (bar)
Bar cutting
Longitudinal division (transom)
Accessory equipment options ES 135
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options for the reisacher ES 135.
  • Center-Cut cutting
  • Tilting and counter-tilting device
  • Deposit and discharge conveyor
  • Automatic loading unit