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reisacher ES 1154
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Cheese slicer
ES 1154

The reisacher ES 1154 cheese cutting machine offers a semi-automatic solution for cutting cheese sticks and blocks into cheese pieces. Equipped with a pneumatically driven guillotine cutter, this machine offers high precision and efficiency in the cutting process.
The process is simple and intuitive: Cheese sticks or blocks are manually inserted into the machine, after which the automated process takes control. The pneumatically operated guillotine cutter cuts the cheese into the desired size and shape. This method ensures consistent quality and consistency of the cheese pieces and can handle both hard and soft cheese types.
The machine is characterised by its robust construction and is designed for durability and high uptime. It requires minimal maintenance and offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio for any cheese production or processing line.
  • reisacher ES 1154
Areas of application CheeseVegan
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Advantages ES 1154
  • Undriven roller conveyor for the support of the cheese sticks
  • Machine operation via two-hand control
  • Precise cutting control
  • Versatile cheese processing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High operating efficiency
Technical data ES 1154
Bars and blocks up to 980 mm x 480 mm
Height up to 150 mm
Execution options ES 1154
Portion cutting
Accessory equipment options ES 1154
We will be happy to provide you with different equipment options
for the reisacher ES 1154.
  • Available with an optical cutting line display